Gilbert Speaks on Preppers & How to Enjoy the Apocalypse

11 Jan


My father was a prepper before the word even was invented. Fred was born in 1914 and that meant he experienced the “Great Depression” of 1929 with a front row seat. This experience scared him more than he wanted to admit, and it wasn’t just my father or mother who became disaster experts from that financial nightmare. My father had become a hoarder because he lived and survived the depression, but it wasn’t useless junk he was constantly squirreling away. My father trained my siblings and me to be zombie (disaster) ready. Are you ready? Find out after the jump


My father saved everything and I mean everything. Before moving in with me because of his poor health issues, my family and I were trying to declutter his home. We had no clue where to start. Fred had such a huge supply of things like: toilet paper, paper towels, plastic bags, canned food, bleach and several cases of Tide. I’m guessing that Fred was a firm believer in looking your best during an apocalypse. He had enough canned food to last until the second coming of Christ, but it was the shoes that puzzled me and my sister.


Me: “Fred, whose shoes are these? I asked holding up the vintage and noticeably ancient little girl’s size 7 for him to inspect.

Fred: “Oh they belong to you.”

Me: “I know that, but why would you keep them so long? They’re stiff as a board.”

Fred: “Because someone can use them.”

Me: “Dad, their practically crumbling in my hand.”

Fred: “You’ll understand one day.”

My father and people from his generation knew what the real meaning of recycling meant. Nothing was ever thrown out because it could be used over and over again. This theory also covered food. If Fred made a big pot of soup, you ate that damn soup every day until it was gone. When I got married, my father gave me the typical wedding gift of money, but I also received a few cardboard boxes stocked with “Emergency Supplies.”

“These supplies are for the day the government crashes,” Fred warned.

What did Fred know that I didn’t? When I checked the contents of the boxes, I realized that it held everything including a first aid kit. It seems that Fred and his generation knew plenty and maybe we should paying attention to our own disasters waiting around the corner.


Fred’s checklist was in reality a Bug-Out-Bag, he just packed his in cardboard boxes. Today, we have all different groups giving advice on how to survive a disaster. And, we have witnessed with Hurricane Katrina that we are truly on our own when the shit hits the fan.


My go to advisers are The Zombie Squad, but there are so many groups out there to check out. Although preppers may seem a bit strange or gung-ho with their survival techniques, they are in essence trying to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and alive. Their suggestions are easy to follow and not as expensive to gather as you’d assume.


I’m going to list the main ingredients to staying alive: Shelter, water, food, medications, communication, and weapons. Yes, I hear the loud groaning out there, but “The Walking Dead” is one of the best “How to” guide shows out there. And, let’s be real. We’re not talking about defending ourselves from walking bags of dead meat. We are protecting ourselves from the elements, and bad people who want to take our supplies.


Water is # one of the list. Without clean water you are a zombie. So learn how to purify water when your supply runs out. Food should be easy to carry and have a long shelf life, so think protein bars, beans, and peanut butter. Do you have a bad ticker? Don’t forget your medications and don’t forget a first aid kit. Do you know what a CB radio is? Well, you better learn everything you can because you’ll need to keep in touch with people, military and police. Do you own a tent? Get one of the tents suggested by the preppers that are easy to set up and break down. Do you have a fishing rod?

Do you own a gun? I’m not talking assault rifle, but a handgun for protection. Get a gun and take lessons on how to care for your gun and how to shoot straight. You may need to hunt for your food. A generator is imperative if you are able to stay in your own home for a while.


Being prepared is not the same as being paranoid. It’s no different than having home or car insurance. I’ve written several posts on surviving the apocalypse on Biff Bam Pop  on here and here. You should read them and then see what the Zombie Squad recommends or sites like this. This is one of my Bug-Out-Bags.


We have a new president and until we figure him out, we’ll have to be ready for every screw up that comes his way. I’m wishing Trump a successful term where he puts all Americans and their families ahead of his own visions of grandeur.

I want Trump to be a president that makes sure that all citizens in this country have great healthcare, equal pay, jobs and, that no child goes to bed hungry. I want Trump to be a president that respects women’s rights, gay rights, children’s rights and senior citizens’ rights no matter what color, race, or origin of birth.

I want this new president to be a man who brings the country together, but until we see what he’s made of…get that Bug-Out-Bag packed and ready.



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