Gilbert Speaks on We TV’s Ghosts in the Hood

7 Jan


As a natural born psychic and professional ghost investigator, I’ve seen my share of dead people. I also have two ghosts who live in my attic, and said ghosts, Fred and Lucy will be the topic of my next book. I’ve also done many ghost investigations, and consider myself well informed on how an investigation should be carried out. Recently, I had the pleasure of watching a new ghost hunter reality show on WE T.V. The action takes place in Los Angelis where the dead can be just as avant-garde and the living. Did the members of O.P.O. impress me? Find out after the jump.


Ghosts in the Hood, which airs every Thursday night at 10 pm, follows the five members of “Official Paranormal Operations” as they handle the cases that other ghost investigative teams don’t want which leaves a lot of the LA region uncovered.


The O.P.O. team consists of five members: Defecio Stoglin is the team leader; Dave Purdy is the technical expert; Jasmine Orpilla is a an actress and a verified medium; Matt Richards is Defecio’s nephew and a budding comedian and actor whose main duty is to add some funny comments about the investigations and, Maunda Oyin, is an actress and the researcher for the team. The team travels from case to case in a really cool RV and I’m so freaking jealous.


In the first episode of season 01: Scared Straight Outta Compton, Defecio and his team investigate a drive thru mortuary that is being haunted by a member of its past. Meanwhile across town a man who is also a collector of junk is having a problem with a cursed artifact. As the team heads over to the drive thru mortuary, we listen in on Matt’s comedic remarks about his disbelief in ghosts while Defecio goes over what the owner has been experiencing. We do learn why the drive thru mortuary was created, and it has to do with gang shootouts. By the end of the case, Matt, who smokes sage reefer, gets his first experience with the afterlife…he’s no longer laughing.


The manager of the mortuary explains that the mortuary with its bullet-proof glass was created to protect the families of gang members who were trying to pay their respects to the dearly departed from a possible drive by shooting by a rival gang. The manager and his clients have been pestered by a ghostly activity: shadow figures, noises and it might be connected to a recent shooting inside the mortuary.

Maunda talks to the neighbors to see if they’ve experienced any ghostly activity coming from the mortuary. We learn that the hood is a tough place both for the living and the dead. That night, the team sets up its equipment. Jasmine does her communicating with the dead, but it sounds a little sexual. Jasmine makes contact with a spirit in the chapel and shit happens, but Jasmine learns that the spirit is upset because he wasn’t ready to die.


Matt gets touched and a shadow figure is spotted on the video. The conclusion: it’s the owner of the founder, Mr. Adams. On the EVP Recorder, Mr. Adams tells the investigators that he wants to help the staff and that’s why he’s there.

The second case revolves around a collector in Hollywood who has filled his home with the strangest junk from places like yard sales and estate sales. The client has been plagued by bad dreams. The team tries to find out what’s causing the dreams, noises and scratching sounds on the door. The man is wondering if his dead wife is haunting him. Maunda talks to the neighbors and they mention that there was an estate sale for a woman who passed away and was a known Wiccan witch.


Anyone who has ever watched “Haunted Collector” knows that the dead will sometimes attach themselves to objects and after Jasmine does her strange medium shtick with the dead and after Dave picks up activity on his personalized EMF, they discover a clock inside a painted cabinet that belonged to the dead neighbor.


This show is definitely not on the level of the “Haunted Collector” and it goes against everything that a serious ghost investigation is all about, but I actually enjoyed the antics of the team. I love how Defecio tries to keep his team focused and, I love how Jasmine gets her groove on when communicating with the dead.


“Ghosts in the Hood” is not what you’d expect to see with a show about ghosts or ghost hunting, but it makes me laugh. I’ll be watching the show and maybe you should, to

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