Gilbert Speaks On “The OA” S01 E03

22 Dec


Abduction survivors make for a good story, but The Chicago Tribune will have to wait for Prairie’s story because it is over yet. The OA is television at its best and on episode 03 we learn about Prairie’s cell mates and how dangerous Dr. Hap can be.


While Mrs. Broderick-Allen is trying to deal with her brother’s death, Steve and French duke it out. Both of these boys are struggling with their own personal demons and since they can’t scream at the people responsible for their pain, they turn on each other. But, no matter how angry they are, they both show up for Prairie’s continuing saga.


I’m still trying to wrap my head around the glass enclosures that Dr. Hap built for his prisoners. There is so much moisture on the glass cages, that Dr. Hap has to squeegee them clean. The moisture is due to the underground stream that runs through all the cells. This water is used for sponge baths and shaving, but I’m not sure how safe it is to drink. And where do they go to the bathroom? When you’re my age, you develop a skill for finding the nearest restrooms, but I don’t see anything in those glass prisons. The whole system reminds me of a pet hamster’s habitat and then it hits me like a hammer. Nothing should be caged.

Homer, Rachel and Scott have been there for a long time and Rachel is upset because she doesn’t know what happened to the other girl named August. The four cell mates are in total isolation even though they have each other. They are in a dark and dank dungeon made of glass. There is no way to tell the time or passage of days and they are only fed what looks like dry dog food. Isolation is much more detrimental for Prairie because of her blindness. She refuses to eat.


Homer tells Prairie that he’s been there for close to a year. He signed up for a medical experiment for the 500 dollars. He needed that money to help his pregnant girlfriend. When he arrived at Happ’s home he became suspicious and hid his school ring in the medicine cabinet. But the money for his son is still in his pocket. Rachel also signed on for the medical experiment after a fatal car crash that she was in with her younger brother. We don’t know too much about Scott except that he longs for a good cup of coffee and a smoke. What we do learn is that all of the prisoners had a near death experience.

Dr. Hunter Hap

Jason Isaacs does a wonderful job of playing the mad doctor. We really don’t know what to expect from him. One moment he’s feeding dog pellets to the group and the next moment he allows Prairie to feel the sun on her face. When Prairie uses that butcher knife to make him a sandwich, Dr. Hap allows her to make sandwiches for everyone. If we were fooled into thinking that there was a decent side to the doctor, we are soon set straight when he releases a chemical gas that knocks out Scott (Will Brill). Not sure what that’s all about yet.

Prairie becomes the cleaning lady/cook for the doctor and it may be because she is blind and not able to see what he’s working on. But, the blind see better than the sighted and Prairie is able to collect enough of the doctor’s sleeping pills to knock him out.


This episode revealed some of the torture Prairie and her friends endured under Dr. Hap, but we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. When Prairie’s plans to drug Hap with an old Russian recipe fails due to his allergy to tomatoes, she stumbles upon the missing August while looking for an extra EpiPen. Did Hap deliberately drown that woman or was it the gas? Will the same thing happen to Scott? This is one psychotic nut job. Prairie finds Homer’s ring and a Verizon bill.

I feel sorry for Prairie and her cell mates. They only have one kind of luck; bad. Their attempt to send a message gets washed away in the stream, but it brings the group closer with Homer teaching Prairie how to calm her hysterics, and Rachel breaking out and (Sharon Van Etten) singing. Rachel’s song encourages Prairie to be brave. Did Rachel’s beautiful voice come after her near death experience? Does this happen in real life? There are documented reports of people coming back from the dead with new talents that can’t be explained other than it had something to do with their NDE


They always say to watch out for the quiet ones. Little church mouse, Prairie, shoves Dr. Hap down the flight of steps and then she breaks free by breaking the window. But like I mentioned above, Prairie and her friends are not lucky and she gets lost then knocked out. We don’t see who it is, but I’m guessing that Dr. Hap won’t be trusting that blind girl anytime soon.

This was a great episode and I can’t wait to see the next one. Maybe we’ll find out what OA stands for, and why there has to be five people to help Prairie with her story, and why they need to leave their front door open. Meet me here on Monday, December 26th for episode 04, but until then have a safe and Merry Christmas.


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