Gilbert Speaks On the Magical Christmas Tour

15 Dec


Last night was special because the entire night was surely a metaphysical event. The Moon was bright and the Spirit Five, plus three, were once again on an adventure. How special was it? Grab that mug of hot apple cider and find out more about our group and the Martel’s Christmas House.

Spirit Five

We are a group of psychic/mediums who are connected to the Universal Collective. We are not fully evolved in our gifts even though all of us are definitely old souls. It takes many years to reach that goal and, the adventure is not the prize but the journey. Our group tries to meet at least once a week and when we do, magic happens. Our combined powers are food for the soul.


Last night, one of our members suggested that we go on a special journey to the Martel Christmas House. She’d been telling us just how beautiful the decorations were, but I was wondering if I hadn’t seen it all already. I was born and raised in South Philly and we have a reputation for going for broke when it came to Christmas or Sports.


After moving to New Jersey, I’d been nagging my husband about our Christmas decorations. He thinks they are quite adequate, while I want more. I want our house to be seen from the International Space Station. I don’t think I’m asking for much. Do you? After a pleasant dinner at Mastoris, we all headed out to 21 Phillips Ave in Hamilton, NJ.


Holy Jingle Bells! I never expected to see such a beautiful display and, I’m pretty sure that the lights from the Martel’s Christmas House decorations can be seen all the way to the planet Mars! The decorations went on and on for what looked like eternity and no two decorations were the same. There was so much to see and hear: Santa snoring; Santa singing; Dinosaurs roaring…this was a cornucopia of sights and sounds.


I spent some time chatting with the lovely Martel family about their decorations as we all sat around an open fire pit. The magic makers of this kick-ass display consist of Bob, Charmaine and Tim Martel with special help from Santa’s little helper and Tim’s fiancée, Jessica Raspatello. Bob and his family begin setting up the decorations as early as September. Each year, they move things around so the visitors are certain to see all the thousands of moving or stationary displays.


I asked Bob and his wife Charmaine why they do this monumental feat every year. Their reply was simple and uplifting. They do it for love. They love the expressions on the visitors’ faces and especially on the faces of the children. There is no charge to visit this wonderland, but you can donate what you can to help pay for the electric bill.


In a world that sometimes feels like there is only hate or anger to greet us each day, it is quite a miracle to find such loving people who only want to bring joy into the world. The Martel family accomplished the true meaning of Christmas with their decorations…They give of themselves. Blessed!


On the ride home, my husband asked me if I wanted to add more lights to our home. I thought it over before telling him, no. I realized that the Martel’s Christmas House was special because the lights were powered by love. I will be visiting the Martel’s Christmas House every year. You should too.



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