The Ghosts in My Attic

10 Dec


My friends love when I post stories of my ghost investigations. They love the fact that I can see dead people and they want to know why the dead haunt us. From my experiences, I’ve come to the conclusion that the dead are just plain nosey. They want to know what we’re doing and, they never miss a moment to tell us what we’re doing wrong.

Fred and Lucy

I have two ghosts who live at my house and, for some strange reason, they stay up in my attic. Every night, I can hear them moving about. I’m not sure why they chose the attic as their hangout because the attic is dusty and cold. I’m not afraid of these ghosts. They know me and I know them. Fred and Lucy don’t stay up in the attic all the time. When they’re not waking me up every night to give me updates on family members; living and dead, they are visiting my siblings or my daughter.

Most ghosts are usually not as active as Fred and Lucy. Most ghosts stay out of the way because they don’t like to be disturbed. But, they say you are in death as you were in life. Fred and Lucy were very sociable while alive. They are the same, dead.


To understand me, you need to learn more about Fred and Lucy. They were my parents. They made me who I am today. I was born and grew up in South Philadelphia in the late 50’s and 60’s. Fred and Lucy, who were hardcore Italians and strict Catholics (when it suited them), owned a grocery store. Everyone in our family had to work in that store. As soon as my siblings and I reached the age of seven, we were put to work. We worked seven days a week.

Fred and Lucy had ‘issues’ and  growing up in our home closely resembled that television series, Addams Family. Life with Fred and Lucy was one hell of a crazy ride, but my siblings and I wouldn’t trade our bizarre childhood for all the normalcy in the world.


My siblings and I were not the easiest children to raise, and Fred and Lucy weren’t the easiest parents to love. I’m not complaining. Growing up in a grocery store with my parents was a life lesson that made survivors of my siblings and me. They say, it’s all in the genes. We inherit not only our physical traits from our parents, but so much more. I’ve inherited Lucy’s independence and Fred’s sense of humor…and I’ve also inherited their OCD and psychic abilities.


I’m working on the fourth and final book of my Roof Oasis Sci-fi Apocalyptic Series. Once Warriors in the Mist is published, I will be writing about the ghosts in my attic. If you’re interested in learning more about Fred and Lucy, check out this episode of Life with Fred and Lucy.

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