Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S07 E07: Sing Me a Song

5 Dec


Hi-ho, the derry-o, Michonne is on the hunt! This week, Michonne hunts walkers while whistling a little ditty and, Jesus and Carl hitch a ride to the Sanctuary. Will Carl get his Christmas wish and kill Negan? Only the farmer in the dell knows for sure.


Carl and Jesus are hiding in the cargo truck and Jesus uses syrup to leave a trail home. When Jesus jumps from the truck, Carl remains. Carl is on a mission. Carl has balls! I loved watching Chandler Riggs grow up on the show. I met him once at Monster Mania Event in Cherry Hill NJ. Chandler was a pleasure to talk to, but he is shy.


There was nothing shy about Carl in this episode. He came out guns a blazing, but he wasn’t fast enough to kill Negan. Tonight’s episode is all about Carl and Negan played sumptuously by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Negan knows that Carl hates him, but instead of killing the boy, he seems to take Carl under his wing. Is it because Carl exhibits the traits that Negan considers both dangerous and yet worthy of respect? Negan is a sociopath and a braggart and he likes showing off to Carl. Negan shows his complete control over his men followed with an exhibition of the power he has over his wives.


What did Carl think of his idea of killing Negan after watching Negan’s men fall to their knees as soon as Negan entered the room? Did Carl regret his mission when he saw the mental abuse that Negan enjoyed using over his wives? I’m sure that Carl is too young to understand what Dwight and Sherry are going through or how frightened Amber and the other women are of Negan. There are all types of abuse, but the fear that your loved one will be punished because of your actions is one of the worst. Dwight and Sherry consider what they’ve lost by allowing Negan to rule their lives. At least, Sherry stands up to Negan.


Carl is a Ninja in the making, but he is still a boy. When Negan orders Carl to remove his bandages, we get to see the wound. It’s not a pretty sight, but Negan surprises us by showing mercy for Carl, albeit it is the mercy of a sociopath and only temporary.

Team Rick

While Negan shows off for Carl by branding one of his men, Mark, for the sin of visiting his wife, Amber, a prisoner of Negan’s harem, Michonne is building a walker speed bump and Gabe calls Spencer a “Shit” after Spencer reveals how much he hates Rick and blames him for the death of his entire family. Team Rick is not working together as a team and each member is intent on killing Negan, but can Negan be killed if the group doesn’t work together?


And we do see the group turning on each other and this is not good. Rosita insults Eugene when he won’t make her the bullet. He tells her that they’ll need more than bullets to defeat Negan, but Rosita calls Eugene a coward. Rosita gets her bullet, but she has lost Eugene’s friendship and respect. Spencer finds a hunter walker in a tree and not only gets the man’s crossbow, but a list written in Latin. Who says that Latin is a dead language? It gets Spencer to tree walker’s secret cache, but Spencer is still a “Shit.”


We haven’t seen any children at Negan’s camp/factory and, with his huge harem, you’d expect at least one of the women to be pregnant, but there are no huge bellies in that group. Is Negan sterile? Remember Sherry’s pregnancy test came back negative. Negan’s weakness might lie in the fact that he can’t produce an heir to his throne. Is this way he’s drawn to Carl? All we know for sure is that Negan would make a horrid father. He’s a bully but in this episode he had a few people stand up to him including Olivia (Ann Mahoney). Olivia had enough of Negan’s fat jokes, but when he asked her for sex, she hauled off with one mighty slap.


While Rick and Aaron discover a houseboat that is protected by pond walkers, Michonne hijacks one of Negan’s trucks and driver. While someone (could it be Jesus) slips Daryl a “Get out of Jail” note, Negan has Carl give him a tour of Alexandria. Negan finds Judith and she kills him with her teddy bear! No, she doesn’t, but we can wish, can’t we?

We understand that Negan is not your ordinary bully or sociopath in this episode because even though he didn’t kill Carl, he shames him by forcing Carl to uncover his wound and not replace the bandage. Negan makes Carl sing him a song while he swings his bat at imaginary victims. But the biggest reveal of Negan’s madness is the way he takes over the role of conqueror by sitting on the porch of Rick’s home with baby Judith wrapped in his arms and Carl obediently sitting in the rocking chair next to him. Ouch! How will Rick react to this?


Next week is the mid-season 90 minute finale and all I have to say is that I can’t wait to see who dies. You know someone is going to die, especially because Rosita has that bullet, but who will it be?


4 Responses to “Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S07 E07: Sing Me a Song”

  1. Gary December 5, 2016 at 11:06 am #

    Since Jeffrey Dean Morgan has signed on for season 8… I don’t think the right person (people) are going to die next week.

    • gilbertspeaks December 5, 2016 at 3:54 pm #

      I have that feeling too, but one can dream. Negan is too good a antagonist to kill off that easily. Thank you, Gary for reading my blog

  2. Brianna December 6, 2016 at 3:42 pm #

    I don’t know who is going to die, but I think Negan is going to kidnap Judith. He is probably sterile and clearly wants a baby, as evidenced by Sherry taking pregnancy tests.

    • gilbertspeaks December 6, 2016 at 11:57 pm #

      I hope he doesn’t take Judith, but it would make for a good story. I am going to need the economy size bottle of Tums to get through this season. Thank you, Brianna for liking my post

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