Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S07 E06: Swear

28 Nov


So far in this season, life in general is looking mighty sucky for everyone but Negan. We’ve visited the Kingdom, Sanctuary, and on last week’s episode; Hilltop. But, are there yet other communities we know nothing about? I wonder how Tara and Heath are doing on their scavenger trip?


Yes, my little zombie snacks, we’re learning about another community, but there is no bikini clad beauties and no hot, sexy surfers here. What we have here is a community of women and children. They are the people of Oceanside. Via flashbacks, we do learn how Tara got washed up on the shore. Tara and Heath (Corey Hawkins) were on a scavenging trip looking for weapons and medicines, but after 2 weeks all they have for their hard work was 8 rusty cans of okra and one bottle of aspirin.


While Heath wants to go home, Tara wants to find supplies. Neither Tara nor Heath knows what has happened to Team Rick. Heath is already feeling guilty about killing Negan’s men at the satellite station. Wait until they learn the dire consequences of attacking that outpost.


When Tara accidently releases a horde of sand walkers, she is separated from Heath and falls off the bridge. What was amazing about the fight scenes in tonight’s episode was that Alanna Masterson had just returned from maternity leave and she definitely put her best effort into the fighting and the running.

Stranger Danger

Rachel (Mimi Kirkland) wants to immediately kill the washed up Tara, but Cyndie (Sydney Park) says no. But, which one is right? There is a reason that Oceanside kills all strangers. Dead men carry no tales or directions to the hideout. Natania (Deborah May) is the Granny of the community and she holds a tight rein on the ladies but it’s only because of their own horror show suffered at Negan’s hands.


Is there no one that Negan hasn’t destroyed? Tara is taken prisoner, but not before noticing the chimes (6) and the dog clickers. Natania uses the ringing to distract the walkers and the dog clickers as silent communicators to warn the children to hide. Oceanside has lots of weapons although no one in that community really shoots that well. Tara is made an offer to live out her life at Oceanside. To say no means she’ll die.


Yep. As soon as Tara decided to go home and forsake the endless supply of salted fish, there was a target on her back. Why should Kathy or Beatrice trust Tara. They knew she lied about her knowledge of fishing boats and they just can’t afford to lose anyone else. It is Beatrice who tells how Negan killed all their men including any boys over ten years old. These women are strong and the fact that they escaped from Negan says volumes about their courage. After getting Tara to swear that she won’t rat out Oceanside, Cyndie helps Tara make it past the mummified walkers one more time. But there is no sight of Heath except for his glasses and a strange note with the letters PPP.


After shopping for a pair of sunglasses and a souvenir for Denise, Tara heads home only to learn what happened to Glenn, Abe and Denise. I think Tara did the right thing by not telling Rosita about Oceanside. Tara made a promise and even in the apocalypse, your word is your honor.

I want to touch on the show’s ratings. I’ve heard that the ratings have dropped and many people are blaming it on the brutal season premiere. Did they have to show in full detail Glenn’s death or Abe’s? But after the season opening blood fest, some people are now complaining about the lack of action.

Get over it!

Real life is much more brutal than anything Negan can do with his trusty bat, Lucille. Sometimes, we take things for granted and we need a Negan to remind us how fleeting life can be. Negan is the perfect antagonist and when he finally meets his end, we will have worked up enough angst to send him merrily on his way. As far as the complaints that the episodes are boring…well…I like learning more about the other communities.


I want to know more about people like Natania and Ezekiel. I want to know how they are dealing with the apocalypse. My biggest complaint with American Horror Story this year is that I felt it was rushed and as soon as we were introduced to a character; they died. TWD is giving us time to savor this season and, we need this because…we need to pick up pointers on how to survive. I have a feeling that our own apocalypse is right down the road if Standing Rock falls and the pipeline is built. Stay safe my little zombie snacks until we meet next week.


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