Gilbert Speaks on Mars a National Geographic Series

22 Nov


When people ask me what I want to be when I grow up…yes I know that I’m old, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve grown up….I tell them that I want to be an astronaut. I’ve wanted to travel into space ever since the era of Moon landings back in the day. The closest I’ve ever gotten to the real thing was in Disney World’s Mission Space. I keep sending applications to NASA but they’re just not ready for a 69 year old granny. My next project is to convince Elon Musk to allow me to ride on one of his Space X rockets. One can dream, right?


National Geographic has a new series and it tells about the first manned mission to Mars in the year 2033. The six episode series stars Jihae who plays the part of twins Hana and Joon Seung, Anamaria Marinca who plays Marta Kamen, Alberto Ammann who plays Javier Delgado, Clementine Poidatz who plays Amelie Durand, Sammi Rotibi who plays Robert Foucault, Olivier Martinez who play CEO Ed Grann, Ben Cotton who plays Commander Ben Sawyer, and Nicholas Wittman who plays Oliver Lee.


The series, which is based on the 2015 book, How We’ll Live on Mars by Stephen Petranek tells the story of the crew of the Daedalus and their mission is to colonize the red planet.


As the ship enters the planet’s atmosphere, the crew is faced with a life-threatening emergency that throws the ship off course and gravely injures the commander. The series is part documentary and part space opera with Brian Grazer and Ron Howard as the executive producers.


This is one of the best scientifically sound shows to explain what the journey to Mars will involve. Mars jumps between the story and live interviews with NASA scientists, Elon Musk, the CTO of Space X to name a few. Once you watch the first episode, you’ll be hooked. If you want to see something really cool, then check out the virtual reality simulations of landing a rocket here.


I’m going to be taking notes of every episode that airs on Mondays on the National Geographic Channel at 9:00pm. I intend to make it into space any way possible. Do you think I can make it?


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