Gilbert Speaks on Channel Zero’s Season Finale: Welcome Home

17 Nov


I am a big fan of the Syfy Channel and this year we have been treated to storytelling at its best with Syfy’s six episode series, Channel Zero. In the season finale we are taken into the world of the Tooth Child where we learn that our thoughts are living entities. Will Dr. Mike Painter save his daughter? Will Frances Booth add another victim to her list? Meet me after the jump.


What was it about Eddie that made him the perfect victim for the neighborhood bully? Why didn’t that bully pick on Mike as much as he did Eddie? Did Eddie give off a vibe, or a scent that informed his predator that he was fair game? There are studies which document the effects of severe trauma on bullied children. Bullying has the same effect on children as what our soldiers face on the battleground. Some children respond to this trauma by becoming bullies themselves, while some cope by retreating into an alternate world.


Eddie, unlike his twin, had special abilities. This gift of telekinesis enabled Eddie to move things with his mind, but that wasn’t enough. Eddie had to create a world where he could hide when things got too bad in the real world. Candle Cove was scary because Eddie’s life was scary. As scary as the Tooth child, the Skin Taker and Jawbones was, Mrs. Booth (Marina Stephenson Kerr) turned out to be the real monster. She knew that Eddie had the gift, and she knew that he was killing children. When Eddie cured Francis of her epilepsy then no child was safe; not even her own son.


Eddie wants to use Mike as a portal to live in the real world and to make sure that Mike complies, Eddie, in the persona of Tooth Child, steals Lily away, bringing her to the Crow’s Nest. Mike sees Lily inside the television set and he knows there is only one way to save Lily and stop Eddie, but can Mike stop Eddie when he is already growing that extra tooth? For Mike to outsmart Eddie, he will need Marla’s help. Will Marla (Fiona Shaw) be able to commit to this request?


Of all the minor characters in this series, Luisa D’Oliveira’s Amy is my favorite. Amy is the one person on that show who asked the right questions. Her determination to solve the crime kept her only a few steps behind the wicked Frances.


As acting sheriff, it is Amy realizes that Francis Booth is responsible for not only corrupting her students into killing Gary’s (Shaun Benson) wife (Natalie Brown) but also Simon (Bruce Novakowski) who had a crush on her. I kept expecting the pint sized murders to attack Amy, but luckily for us, they didn’t.

The Game

After Mike and Erica find the unconscious Lily in the woods, Mike allows the Tooth child to take a few teeth, thus allowing his soul to enter Eddie’s hideout. Mike is unconscious and that is exactly what Eddie wants. He wants Mike trapped inside Candle Cove while Eddie takes over Mike’s body.


Eddie and Mike watch as Erica takes Lily away, leaving the unconscious Mike in the field. Mike keeps Eddie from climbing through the television set with an offer of a card game.


I thought Marla was a goner when Francis attacked her with the hook, but Marla had a promise to keep. After Amy shoots Francis, Marla used the hook to finish off Francis. While Amy calls for the ambulance, Marla crawls away and searches for Mike.


Channel Zero is a good old fashioned ghost story with a twist. Paul Schneider was wonderfully cast as the adult Mike, the child psychiatrist with the blood of his twin on his hands. Luca Villacis did a wonderful job making us believe that we were really dealing with twins. He glided easily from his Eddie and Mike characters and, he was creepy as hell as Eddie. I hope to see this kid in more shows.


Mike had to keep Eddie occupied until Marla was able to smother the life from his body that lay in the woods. This was the promise Marla had made to Mike to keep Lily and the other children safe. The monsters on the show were scary, especially the Skin Taker, but Francis Booth was much worse. Any adult that purposely misleads a child is always the scariest monsters in real life. Eddie and Mike are both trapped inside Candle Cove with no way out…but Mike’s ghost keeps an eye on Lily and makes sure that she never watches Candle Cove on the television.


Great News! Even though the Candle Cove story is finished, there are more Channel Zero shows coming. Starting in 2017, we can watch the next story called “No End House.” The story that stars Amy Forsyth, John Carroll Lynch, and Jeff Ward, is about a bizarre house of horrors.


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