Gilbert Speaks About Ghosts

15 Nov


I normally post my ghost investigations on my personal blog, Gilbert Curiosities, but I felt that it was important for you to understand why I’m interested in spirits. I see dead people. I’ve been seeing them since I could remember. This ability runs in the family. It’s passed down via DNA from my maternal grandmother and from my father. If you know anything about genetics then you’ll realize that the trait is stronger when it’s passed down from both parents. But, what if I do see and hear the dead. How does this help me or anyone with the ‘gift’?

Not Dead

People get freaked out when you tell them you see dead people. They shouldn’t. Maybe if we looked at the picture differently, we would not fear death. We are not humans with a soul. We are souls that temporarily inhabit a body. We are pure energy; no beginning and no end. Our souls are truly created in God’s image while our bodies are a product of evolution. When we think of the afterlife in this way, then it takes the fear of death away because the body may rot away, but we keep on going…just like that energizer bunny.



Ghost stories have been part of our human culture for thousands of years and, even the ancient Egyptians believed in the Ba, which may have been their version of a ghost. Now, we demand scientific proof before we can wrap our minds around the idea that ghosts do exist. The best argument for ghosts is GOD. We can’t see him, but if we can easily believe in a God, angles and demons, then why not ghosts. They are all made of the same matter; pure energy. The only difference between a ghost and the energy that comes from the sun and stars is intellect. Spirits have intellect. The dead (souls that had at one time lived in a body) are often able to interact with the living, but it takes a lot of energy on their side. To hear and see them, we need to raise our vibrations.

Why don’t the ghosts stay in Heaven?

Free Will! From what the dead have been telling me, Heaven is nothing like we’ve been taught. My father and mother who haunt my house tell me that Heaven is actually a cool place, but even though Heaven is the Utopia we’ve been promised, spirits will travel to other planets and dimensions because the one thing that does not end with your last breath is the quest for knowledge.

My father tells me that God wants us to continue learning even when we are not in corporeal form. Why is that? Sometimes, he sends us back. There are many of us who are old souls. It’s not that we can’t get it right, but that we have not learned enough about our souls to become more like HIM. It seems, according to my dad, that God believes in the motto, “Practice makes perfect.”

Do Angels and demons walk the Earth?

Yes! There are angels assigned to us (Guardian Angels) and, there are angels who protect the Earth (trees, animals, water, and ocean). These angels are witness to how we are destroying our home. My father told me that people who do mass destruction of our resources are not treated kindly in the afterlife. He won’t say more about this…except that we would be wise to start hugging trees. Now that we know the job of angels, why do demons walk the Earth? The demons are here for the sole purpose of making us turn away from God. The dead tell me that God is not, and never will be, about religion. One of the more frightening things the dead have shown me is that the apocalypse is a man-made horror and when it happens, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves. The apocalypse will come about because of our greed.


I believe in ghosts, but my husband is not yet fully convinced. This past Saturday, my husband accompanied me on a mini ghost investigation near the historic town of Batsto in Hamilton New Jersey. We went to the Pleasant Mills Cemetery with several other investigators who are also psychics and mediums. It was very cold so we could only spend about an hour at the site, but the almost full moon was bright enough to light our way.


Within a few moments of searching the tombstones, I felt the telltale sign that warns that spirits are around; extreme indigestion. I began to take pictures and was able to get a good shot of a perfectly formed orb. The orb (a spirit trying to manifest itself) was not only perfectly formed, but had multiple colors within its inner circle. To make sure that it was indeed an orb and not dust, I took several more photos…nothing! After walking through most of the cemetery, that telltale indigestion returned. I snapped some more photos and sure enough, another orb.


Was it the same spirit? I don’t know, but one of the investigators who used a ghost box was able to pick the sound of church music and people singing. I asked my husband if he wanted to go back to Batsto during the day and he surprised me by saying yes. He wants to visit the historic village when it’s open during the day and, he wants to see the cemetery again. My husband was curious if the spirits are active during the day. Yes, they are. I find that the spirits are more active and that our equipment picks up more information during the day. It makes sense when you remember that most of the dead probably had day jobs.

If you are interested in my other ghost investigations, then check out my other blog, here.



2 Responses to “Gilbert Speaks About Ghosts”

  1. Linda S. November 16, 2016 at 4:30 pm #

    I had an experience at the Pleasant Mills Cemetery one afternoon. My husband and I were there and I was taking photographs of the snow covered graves. I was taking continuous shots and walked forward a few feet. I felt sick and the camera stopped working. I walked backwards and the camera started working again and the sick feeling stopped. My husband said it was coincidence. However, I moved forward a few feet again and it happened a second time. He came over to me and his camera didn’t work there either.

    • gilbertspeaks November 16, 2016 at 11:20 pm #

      The spirits are able to interfere with equipment all the time and I know the feeling you are describing. It is almost like indigestion, but stronger. Did you catch any orbs?

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