“The Walking Dead” S07 E04: Service

14 Nov


On the last episode of “The Walking Dead” we got to see what life was like at Camp Negan through Dwight’s eyes. Life sucks big time at the Sanctuary and, it’s definitely no ‘Easy Street’ for Daryl. This week, the wolf is at the door and he wants the little pigs to let him in. What surprise will this 90 minute episode reveal?

Little Piggy

What is life like back in Alexandria for Rick now that his tail is between his legs? How does he explain to the people he swore to protect that Negan and his men can just stroll in and take what they want. The mood is somber except for that brief view of little Judith. I was wondering how Michonne would handle the situation between her and Rick. Does she still respect him even if she knows he has no choice but to buckle down to Negan?


This is a tricky question, especially because Michonne is a warrior in her own right. She sneaks out of the house; their house, with a big ass gun. Rick doesn’t stop her. I don’t think he could. Not now.


I don’t care how much we hate Negan right now. The man has chutzpa! Who else would announce himself by humming Beethoven’s 5th. Spencer and Rosita were planning on gathering stuff to give to Negan when he arrived for his cut. Eugene is working on a portable audio system, but as we saw in last week’s episode, Negan already has music. If we felt a bit sorry for Dwight last week, we don’t this week. What an ass! He not only takes her guns, but her water. And, he tells her to go find Daryl’s bike. Damn!


In the woods, after Spencer retrieves the hidden motorcycle, he tells Rosita that she better get used to life with Negan. Rosita, like Michonne, Maggie, and Carol, is not the type to give up and as I said before, I think it will be the women who cause the end of Negan. While Michonne is practicing her aim with that big ass rifle (she needs more practice) Rosita plays a game of tag with a few walkers, but the gun she does find has no bullets. Rosita tells Spencer she is not as accepting of servitude to Negan as he is.


Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is a bully and he’s proud of it. I doubt very much that the apocalypse made him the sociopath that he is. He was always a monster. The one thing about sociopaths that can fool people on what they are dealing with is that sociopaths always exhibit a sense of humor, but it is often used in making others feel uncomfortable. Negan is a control freak and when he has Rick carry Lucille, it takes the last façade of manhood away from our hero.


Negan is able to do what he does because he is surrounded by people who are subservient. Negan arrived early because he wants to keep Rick off guard. Negan is using psychological terror not only on Rick, but on the women of Alexandria. I’m pretty sure the way he towered over Rosita sent a chilling message to everyone in Alexandria. But, Negan forgot one little thing. Rosita is a soldier. They don’t scare easily. There were other members on Team Rick that stood their ground; Father Gabriel. I don’t know if you caught Negan’s expression when Gabe spoke up and said that Maggie was dead. Negan wasn’t as cocky with the man of the cloth as I’d expect and, he readily bought the whole grave thing.


Carl is another rebel but he’s young and didn’t realize that his pulling a gun on Negan’s men would have the consequence it had. I wonder if Negan would have taken all the weapons if Carl hadn’t picked that moment to be brave. I’m sure that Carl would have felt guilty if Negan killed Olivia over the two missing guns. Every action has a reaction and it is now hitting home with the Alexandrians. Negan is now the boss. Luckily for Olivia, Rick finds the guns hidden under the floorboard in Spencer’s house…along with cans of food and a bottle of good scotch. Negan takes everything he wants from the Alexandrians, even their mattresses.


My heart broke when Negan told Daryl he had a choice after Rick made the request to get his friend back. But Daryl will never kneel to Negan and, I can imagine how bad it hurts Daryl to see Rick as a broken man. It sucked big time watching these two friend’s stare at each other as Negan’s trucks pulled away.


Holy Hell! I forgot that Michonne didn’t know Shane. When Rick senses that Michonne is not accepting the new world order, he hits her, and us, with the best spoiler alert of all time. Judith is not his. Judith is not his. Judith is not his! Why did he wait this long to reveal this juicy tidbit?


We all saw that look in Michonne’s eyes, in Carl’s and in the eyes of the townsfolk who have lost faith in their leader. I think Rick knew that he’d have to explain why he was allowing Negan to abuse him or he would lose Michonne. He loved that baby even though he knew it was Shane’s. He loved the little ass-kicker because Judith was part of Lori. He’s playing nice doggie for Negan because he wants to keep everyone alive.

For now, Michonne stays with Rick, but she looks pretty pissed after finding those burned mattresses. Although Father Gabe might believe in Rick, Michonne and Rosita aren’t taking any chances. I will keep saying this as many times as I can. The biggest threat to a bully, be it a Negan or a president elect, is a strong woman. It will be one of the women of Team Rick who puts an end to Negan.

Next week, we check in on Maggie and the Hilltop colony.

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  1. Loretta November 14, 2016 at 5:08 pm #

    Great review!

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