Channel Zero S01 E03: Want to See Something Cool?

5 Nov


I’ve posted about the new Syfy series, Channel Zero, in an earlier post, but I hadn’t realized that I would become so hooked on this series. I can’t help it. This show is all about the scares that you don’t see coming. Since I last posted, plenty has happened and Candle Cove’s horror is spreading. Will Mike Painter be able to clear his name? Find out after the jump.


Sheriff Gary (Shawn Benson) doesn’t understand how or why Mike (Paul Schneider) would have killed his twin all those years ago. Even when Mike explains that Eddie was killing the other children, Gary doesn’t believe him. It is really scary to see the effect this television show is having on the children, and how quickly this effect is spreading through the town.


Gary takes Mike to an abandoned home house and begins interrogating him. Tim and Daphne, who have also lost a family member in the Iron Hill murders, join in on the questioning. They all remember how strange Candle Cove was but they aren’t ready to admit that the show could cause children to act strange. Will they believe Mike that his brother, Eddie, had some type of super powers, or that Eddie could use his mind to make kids do things they didn’t want to do? Do the adults remember the skeleton named Jawbone? Yes, they do.


Tim, who is Gene’s brother, has a gun and he wants to kill Mike. When Gary and Tim wrestle, Mike is shot in the shoulder. Luckily for all, Jessica and Marla arrived at the home just in time to keep Tim from killing Mike with the box cutter.

In one of many flashbacks, I was surprised to see that young Mike was the person who led the bully, Gene, to the crow’s nest, but it is Eddie who kills Gene. We get to see Eddie, who calls himself the skin taker) use his mind to control Gene. Eddie not only forces Gene to pull out his own teeth, but he then makes Gene step off the cliff and fall to his death.

Marla (Fiona Shaw) regrets ratting on Mike, but when she goes to the jail to see her son, Amy (Luisa D’Oliveira) tells her that Gary never took Mike into the station for questioning. Marla now convinces Gary’s wife Jessica (Natalie Brown) to help her find Gary and Mike. Amy is called and Gary is arrested. I love Amy. She might be a small town cop, but she is smart. I just hope this doesn’t get her killed. After Mike is admitted into the hospital, he tells Amy about Candle Cove, but she isn’t buying it. Marla surprises Amy by retracting her story about Mike’s involvement in Eddie’s death.


Mrs. Booth

What is Mrs. Booth’s (Marina Stephenson Kerr) story? We know she also lost a child to the Iron Hill murders, but what type of control does she exert over her students, especially since Amy caught a few of Mrs. Booth’s students in the woods with the dummy from science class. Will Amy later regret not chasing after the children?


One of the eeriest creatures on this series is the child made of teeth? The chattering and clicking of the teeth are nerve wracking and so is the fact that this creature devours teeth. But, nothing prepared me for Mrs. Booth. When Daphne goes to visit the teacher, she tells her what happened at the abandoned home and about Mike.


Before Daphne can drink her coco, Mrs. Booth uses the pirate hook to rip out her throat. Holy hell! If that wasn’t scary enough, we learn the coco is really for Booth’s students. That dummy was just practice for the real thing. They killed Tim. I wonder if they’ll get an A+ for this class project.


Sheriff Gary is in jail. Someone has left acting sheriff, Amy, a present. Marla has a nightmare about the tooth child and Mike’s daughter somehow winds up outside his home. How did she get there? I can’t wait to watch episode 4. You can watch this series on Syfy every Tuesday at 9 pm


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