Channel Zero

26 Oct


There is a new show on the Syfy channel and it looks like something you’d be interested in watching. I know I’m hooked after catching the first episode tonight. I didn’t know this series had begun even though I do remember seeing the coming attractions, but thankfully, a friend clued me in.

Channel Zero which airs every Tuesday night at 9 pm is a horror anthology created by Nick Antosca and is scheduled for six episodes. The stories, which are based on the popular creepypastas, stars Paul Schneider as Mike Painter, Fiona Shaw as Marla Painter, Luisa D’Oliveira as Amy Welch, Natalie Brown as Jessica Yolen and Shaun Benson as Gary Yolen.


A child psychologist (Paul Schneider) returns to his small Ohio town, Iron Hill, to investigate the 1988 disappearance and grisly murders of many of the town’s children including his twin brother.


All the children, when discovered, were missing their teeth. Dr. Mike Painter has to investigate if a creepy children’s television show called Candle Cove is connected to the past disappearances and to the ones taking place now.


I’ve only watched the first episode, but it’s creepy as hell, and Dr. Painter has his hands full trying to get people to cooperate and help with anything they might remember about the crimes or the mysterious puppet show that gave Mike and all his friends really bad nightmares.


Is Candle Cove responsible for the strange things happening with the children of Iron Hill? Watch the series to get the answers.


2 Responses to “Channel Zero”

  1. gilbertspeaks October 26, 2016 at 7:58 pm #

    Thank you, Jessica


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