The Walking Dead S06 E12: Not Tomorrow Yet

7 Mar


A good day for a war…this is what season six is winding down to. On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” Rick meets the residents of the Hilltop Colony. Ambassador Maggie makes a deal with Gregory. Now all Rick has to do is convince the townsfolk that fighting Negan in exchange for the Hilltop’s salad bar is a great idea. Will they agree? Will Morgan?


If there ever was a normal moment in this show, it is in the opening of this episode as we follow Carol. She is in her element, “Mom Mode” as she gathers the ingredients for a new batch of cookies made with beets and acorns. She’s all dressed up in her Soccer Mom outfit and she actually looks happy. That is until Rick rolls into town and says, “We have to fight.” Melissa McBride has done such a freaking amazing job…

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